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Venus Roman Goddess Bronzed Resin Figurine Myths & Legends Veronese # 4518
Part Number or Barcode: 4015249077948
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Venus Roman Goddess Bronzed Resin Figurine Myths & Legends. Veronese # 4518


Veronese Studio Collection Resin Bronze, Myths and Legends 



Medium sized figurine.  Gift boxed and carefully protected in polystyrene inner packaging. Each piece is inspected before shipping in customised boxing for extra protection


Studio Collection, by Veronese Designs. A choice of Quality


STUDIO COLLECTION is the premium brand by the finest craftsmanship


This Series of Veronese statue is breath-taking in its detail. 

All the pieces are made from a composite of Real Bronze Metal and Cold Cast Resin, and as can be seen the results are quite stunning. 

We hope by taking multiple photographs we are able to portray the texture of material and the fine detail of the piece. 


The Bronze powder mixed in cold cast resin ensures a richer, more life-like presentation giving the illusion of soft material and highlighting the soft detail of any fabrics worn by the subject. This can be seen in detail in spite of being cast in a hard material. The collector will appreciate the care taken with the additional items that help complete the sculpture such as the bark on trees, the veins on feather , the detailed filigree on armour etc. etc A great deal of care is taken in producing and finishing each piece down to the felting of the base for the protection of furniture. These are relatively heavy for their size and are packed in sculptured polystyrene inner packing then packed in a gift presentation. T


he figurines can be considered as “Tomorrow’s Antiques – Today.” 


Each piece is dated.



“Figurines" Inspired and Created From The World's Greatest Treasures


Cold-cast resin is a term used generally for sculpture, and means that the material is cast without the need for the extreme heat of a foundry. It's generally a fiberglass or bonding resin, and many different additive powders can be used (stone, metal, glass, etc.) to give it different properties. In the case of cold cast bronze, usually an actual bronze powder is added to the surface of the material, while the center is simply resin or resin with a filler added. This gives the product the weight, look, and feel of bronze, but at a fraction of the cost of a foundry bronze. Most of the major lines of figurines on the market today in stores are made of cold cast resin.
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